All About Me!

I call myself ‘Sensual Little Nymph’. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines sensual as: ‘relating to, devoted to or producing physical or sexual pleasure’. I believe in reference to this specific definition that I am the embodiment of sensuality. If you read my blog titled “I simply LOVE sex”, then you would have insight on my claim. Little Nymph is a nickname hubby gave me a few years ago. I’m 7 inches shorter, he loves teasing me about my height, hence the term ‘Little’ and ‘Nymph’, based on his claim that I am a nymphomaniac.

I’m writing this blog for a few reasons. I love writing. However, with school and work and marriage and kids I guess I got tangled up in the chaos of it all and stopped. Recently I have realized a void in my life and my hubby made me realize that maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t doing what I was passionate about, which was writing. So I started this blog.

I’m a 35 year old wife (married just over 10 years, together 17 years) , mother of two amazing little ones, full-time worker and very sensual woman. I feel that too many of us were raised with a very negative image of sex and it has impacted us on how we see ourselves sexually. Women in general, at least the ones I know do not talk about sex, they’re shy. 50 Shades of Grey was a massive trauma shock to more then half of them. Some were even to embarrassed to admit they read the book and that book is a Disney version to some of the erotica I’ve read! I feel a lot of mothers also have a hard time separating their mommy side with their sexual side. I want to discuss these issues and get them out there!

And low and behold, I love sex! I love talking about it, sharing my desires, fantasies and deepest darkest kinky little secrets. I also love hearing about others. I’m also very passionate about a woman’s right to express herself sexually without a downfall of negativity. We are sexual beings, and our desires are part of who we are. No matter what you are into, be it kinky or just plain missionary, you should have the ability to showcase it in any way you see fit.


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